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Custom Ceremony $1200

This option is the full package and has all the bells and whistles. My custom-crafted ceremonies are specifically designed to share love, laughter and a few tears of joy with your favourite people.

Ceremony up to 30mins

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$550 Mon - Fri

$650 Sat + Sun

There are so many reasons couples opt for the no-fuss, legal-only elopement option. So, if you think meeting up at your favourite pub, park, waterfall or cafe with a few beers, cocktails or lattes and your two witnesses to complete all your marriage documents is something you want to know more about, hit me up today and let's make it happen. 


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MC Services from $800

Many clients love the idea of their celebrant staying on to MC the rest of the wedding. This takes the pressure off your family members, who, let's face it will go off-script and ad-lib those stories no one should hear. I will coordinate with all your suppliers on the day, and manage your run sheet and keep everything running smoothly. 

Retro Microphone

Celebration of Life Ceremony  $600

When we lose a loved one, it's hard enough to process the loss, let alone their funeral arrangements. I believe modern funerals are an opportunity for connection, love, empathy, compassion and a celebration of your loved ones' life. I am here to take the pressure off and create the ceremony your loved one planned for or would have wanted. 

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